Our Mission

Meow or Never is a:

  • Charity organization working to help overcrowded shelters by reducing Las Vegas' Feline Euthanasia Rate of 52% by radically improving the Adoption Rate.

  • Coffee shop creating a more humane future by using only ethically-sourced ingredients.

Las Vegas' First Cat Cafe is currently under construction, but we will soon be located at 1201 S Main Street - Suites 80 & 100 in the DTLV Arts District!

The first cat cafe opened in Japan in 1998, and the concept was so successful that cat cafes have now spread across the world! There are already more than 75 cat cafes in the United States! Meow or Never will be the 3rd U.S. cat cafe to be a charity organization. We are working to achieve a similar impact as the first nonprofit cat cafe, who lowered Oakland's Feline Euthanasia Rate from 44% to 14%!

Meow or Never is a nonprofit corporation chartered exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and to prevent cruelty to animals within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and will engage in activities permissible under said section, without limitation, for the specific purposes of:

  1. Reducing euthanasia rates in animal shelters through efforts to increase adoptions of cats in need of permanent homes;

  2. Providing a comfortable, cageless environment for cats that encourages frequent, healthy socialization with other cats and people; and

  3. Providing programs and services benefiting and relating to cats and animal wellness.