Our Mission

Meow or Never was founded in June 2017 with the intention of reducing Las Vegas, Nevada’s 52% feline euthanasia rate through a variety of programs aimed at targeting many of the issues cats face, including, but not limited to, the rehabilitation of behavioral problems, overcrowding in shelters, and lack of socialization and adoption opportunities.

To date, Meow or Never has established a group of more than 300 volunteers and hosted four “pop-up cat cafes,” a unique adoption event featuring celebrity cats, cat welfare advocates, treats and activities in an environment made to resemble a cafe. During the event, attendees are able to meet and interact with adoptable cats in a free-roaming environment, creating a space where cats’ personalities can shine. In just 16 hours of operating these events, Meow or Never has found homes for eleven cats and secured the resources necessary to open a physical location.

Meow or Never is a nonprofit corporation chartered exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and to prevent cruelty to animals within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and will engage in activities permissible under said section, without limitation, for the specific purposes of:

  1. Reducing euthanasia rates in animal shelters through efforts to increase adoptions of cats in need of permanent homes;

  2. Providing a comfortable, cageless environment for cats that encourages frequent, healthy socialization with other cats and people; and

  3. Providing programs and services benefiting and relating to cats and animal wellness.